Happy Holidays!!!

I hope all my baker friends are surviving the holiday season! I have about 12 dozen by the end of this month and I am super excited to get them done.   I normally would not be able to take on this many orders but, long story short I will be home with mom to help her in her recovery from neck surgery.  Very thankful to be able to do this with mom.  So with the bit of extra time I have created these “FREE” yes, I said “FREE” printable tags for your cookie packages or gifts! Enjoy! I do carry some printable tags ready for immediate download in my Etsy


  1. Click on Image -Save image as
  2. Print on 8.5″ x 11″ Cardstock-I prefer 110 lb Cardstock
  3.  Cut using a 2″ whole punch or by hand.
  4.  Use a small whole punch at the top for ribbon or add double sided tape and done 🙂
  5.   Tag @sprinklesnstuff so I can see your creations!
  6.   Happy Holidays!                                                           xo,                                                                                                                                                   Cynthia

BakerFEST 2018

I had this crazy idea for  a few years…I didn’t know where I would start.  I just knew I wanted to to host an event that would be hands on.  My goal was to have fun!  I think I accomplished that.

VENUES-Too many options and pricing was up there! I didn’t want the ticket price to be outrageous but, really wanted space and good food.  I love food!

SPONSORS-Thanks to such amazing Sponsors we were able to have great swag bags and raffles! To be honest it’s very important what you get in those bags!  I am beyond appreciative of everyone who took the time to put the items together and ship them in time for BakerFEST.  As a small business owner myself, we do this in hopes of exposure and business growth.  We want them to look at our products!  The great thing about BakerFEST…is we got to use the Chefmaster new pens, PenBlade blades to cut with fondant and My Little CakePop Molds to make cakepops.  This was  a great opportunity for everyone to test out the product before buying .

SWAG BAG LOOT-With over 20 plus sponsors our bags had some great goodies! Be sure to check them out!!

Poppy Paint



Disruptive Drinkware

My Little Cakepop

Mimi’s Cake School

Sprinkles by Clarissa

Lula’s Goodies

The Curious Creamery

3 Sweet Chicks

SoCal Bakers 


Calico Cake AZ Molds

Sugar Art Canada

Mexi Sprinkles

Sweets by Elsa and Molds

VC Cakes Boutique

Yoli’s Yummies

Sugary Essentials

Christine Molds

Munchkin Designs

Lavender’s Bake Shop

Twinkle Baker Decor



BakerFEST 2019-Thankful I have a year to plan! hahahahahaha this was alot of work.  Late nights, sleep and hunger deprived.  Bigger and better!

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported my crazy idea!  Big Thank you to my husband, kids, mom, niece and sister in law for all their help during the event!

A HUGE Thank you to Abbi from @absolutelydeliciousdesserts that kept me motivated when I wanted to cancel this event every other day!


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Wafer Paper Cakepop using a Cookie Cutter

Wafer Paper Cakepop

Hey baker friends!

      I’m back! Finally getting in the groove of getting material to post.  This is one of my favorite ways to make a cakepop.  I am using a 1.5″ cookie cutter.  This is a great way to use when you don’t want to shape a cakepop.  Enjoy!

                                                                       Keep on BAKIN!


Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Cake

Hello there!

Last night my son and I make this cake.  It didn’t turn out exactly how we wanted it to but, it sure was delicious even if it was 11pm lol. First and foremost I apologize for the horrible lighting in my pictures.

rwb cake2You can make too for this weekend!

We started off with a regular cake box…yes I said cake box.  I used the White cake mix.  This will help maintain my colors when baked.

We used 5 different pans.  I suggest you only use 2-6″ and another for the white.rwb1

We separated about 1/2 C. of batter and baked a thin layer to use for our stars inside.  This has to be baked first.

rwb6  Once baked, we allowed it to chill and even put it in the freezer for a short period of time to be able to cut the little stars out.


The rest of the batter was divided into 2 bowls and dyed them blue and red.rwb3   rwb4

Add a little bit of batter at the bottom of your pan to hold your little stars up.

rwb8Use the rest of the batter to cover the stars and bake.

I wish I would have cut more stars out and only have done 1 of each layer. Next time, next time……

rwb cakerwb9

I wasn’t too sure where to cut to find my stars.  I found 2! Let me know if you make it or if you try different cookie cutters.  For more tutorials check out our  YouTube Channel.

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Keep On BAKIN’!


Royal Icing Recipe

Hi everyone!

I know I know…it’s been awhile and I promise I will get better at scheduling this in.  Running a business alone and being a mom is not an easy task.  With that said, I wouldn’t change for anything else!  I have so many ideas of what to write about.  I really wanted to share a tutorial I did for some wafer paper feathers and I have spent the last 4 hours looking for the file without any luck.

Here is my update Royal Icing Recipe. Let me tell you why ….

1. Doesn’t separate like my old recipe.

2. Less Meringue Powder used… SAVE $$$

3. I can make 2lbs. at a time 🙂


2lbs of Powdered Sugar.

1/2 to 3/4 of Warm Water

2 to 3 T. of Meringue Powder ( I prefer CK.)

Flavor of choice!


Mix your Meringue with your Powdered Sugar with mixer.

Add your wet ingredients.

Mix until you reach stiff icing.

Add more water as needed.

I usually leave it at stiff consistency and in white unless I will be using it all in one color and consistency.

Let me know what you think when you give it a try!20140527_111527 20140530_112349

Cookie Dough

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday evening and getting ready to start the work week. My usual Sunday consists of making cookie dough. You will get to see how my week  usually is below.  I love using a basic but, yummy sugar cookie recipe. I will post the link below. I love testing out new recipes and sharing them. At the moment this one by “Rosie” from Sweetapolita is my fave! I was using a shortbread recipe but, was having to make too many batches. I needed a recipe that made more cookies.  This week I am working on some Pink Ribbons that will be donated to a bake sale to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Go Pink!

Sunday-Prepare Cookie Dough and refrigerate. Go ahead and freeze what you know you will not be using within a week.

(Tip-Roll your dough out to your desired thickness.  This avoids having to handle the cookie dough and helps with spreading.)

Monday-I usually bake early (6am) before the kiddos wake up and before it gets too hot. I place them on paper towels until I come back from work usually around 6pm. I then place them in my a sealed container with parchment paper in between.

Tuesday– Start decorating.  Allow to completely dry and place back in container.

Wednesday-Continue to add details as needed. Allow to dry and place back in container.

Thursday– Some cookies are usually done if not  I continue to add the details.

Friday– I usually package the cookies by heat sealing the tops and then adding a matching ribbon.  If the customer will be placing them in a platter I usually heat seal them in a large bag to keep them fresh.  This allows the customer to place them on the platter as desired and at the same time keeps them fresh and secure.

Saturday-FREE DAY! Usually plan designs for the next week 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope this helps you 🙂


cdoughcookie dough


Creamy Frosting

Ingredients 1 16oz of Powdered Sugar 1 160z of Crisco 1 Can of Vanilla Frosting (any brand is fine) 1/4 warm water Mix frosting and Crisco in a bowl with a mixer until mixed together. Add powdered sugar alternating with … Continue reading