Cookie Dough

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday evening and getting ready to start the work week. My usual Sunday consists of making cookie dough. You will get to see how my week  usually is below.  I love using a basic but, yummy sugar cookie recipe. I will post the link below. I love testing out new recipes and sharing them. At the moment this one by “Rosie” from Sweetapolita is my fave! I was using a shortbread recipe but, was having to make too many batches. I needed a recipe that made more cookies.  This week I am working on some Pink Ribbons that will be donated to a bake sale to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Go Pink!

Sunday-Prepare Cookie Dough and refrigerate. Go ahead and freeze what you know you will not be using within a week.

(Tip-Roll your dough out to your desired thickness.  This avoids having to handle the cookie dough and helps with spreading.)

Monday-I usually bake early (6am) before the kiddos wake up and before it gets too hot. I place them on paper towels until I come back from work usually around 6pm. I then place them in my a sealed container with parchment paper in between.

Tuesday– Start decorating.  Allow to completely dry and place back in container.

Wednesday-Continue to add details as needed. Allow to dry and place back in container.

Thursday– Some cookies are usually done if not  I continue to add the details.

Friday– I usually package the cookies by heat sealing the tops and then adding a matching ribbon.  If the customer will be placing them in a platter I usually heat seal them in a large bag to keep them fresh.  This allows the customer to place them on the platter as desired and at the same time keeps them fresh and secure.

Saturday-FREE DAY! Usually plan designs for the next week 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope this helps you 🙂


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