BakerFEST 2018

I had this crazy idea for  a few years…I didn’t know where I would start.  I just knew I wanted to to host an event that would be hands on.  My goal was to have fun!  I think I accomplished that.

VENUES-Too many options and pricing was up there! I didn’t want the ticket price to be outrageous but, really wanted space and good food.  I love food!

SPONSORS-Thanks to such amazing Sponsors we were able to have great swag bags and raffles! To be honest it’s very important what you get in those bags!  I am beyond appreciative of everyone who took the time to put the items together and ship them in time for BakerFEST.  As a small business owner myself, we do this in hopes of exposure and business growth.  We want them to look at our products!  The great thing about BakerFEST…is we got to use the Chefmaster new pens, PenBlade blades to cut with fondant and My Little CakePop Molds to make cakepops.  This was  a great opportunity for everyone to test out the product before buying .

SWAG BAG LOOT-With over 20 plus sponsors our bags had some great goodies! Be sure to check them out!!

Poppy Paint



Disruptive Drinkware

My Little Cakepop

Mimi’s Cake School

Sprinkles by Clarissa

Lula’s Goodies

The Curious Creamery

3 Sweet Chicks

SoCal Bakers 


Calico Cake AZ Molds

Sugar Art Canada

Mexi Sprinkles

Sweets by Elsa and Molds

VC Cakes Boutique

Yoli’s Yummies

Sugary Essentials

Christine Molds

Munchkin Designs

Lavender’s Bake Shop

Twinkle Baker Decor



BakerFEST 2019-Thankful I have a year to plan! hahahahahaha this was alot of work.  Late nights, sleep and hunger deprived.  Bigger and better!

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported my crazy idea!  Big Thank you to my husband, kids, mom, niece and sister in law for all their help during the event!

A HUGE Thank you to Abbi from @absolutelydeliciousdesserts that kept me motivated when I wanted to cancel this event every other day!


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